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The indigenous people of the Amazon have been passing their farms and homes down through families for generations. But now their inherited right to the earth on which they live and work is being endangered by big business and globalisation.

Their legacy is under threat, but we believe that, with our support, we can help to protect it.

Last year two of those supporters, Trish and Maggie, travelled to Bolivia to see for themselves how gifts in Wills to Christian Aid can change lives.

On their extraordinary journey they saw seed houses built on stilts to keep them dry and safe during floods. Villages where the installation of new solar ovens means people can cook faster and without breathing smoke.

Projects like these are helping to ensure that Amazonian families can hold on to their own precious patches of earth in the face of danger, and protect them for generations to come.

One of the indigenous people Trish and Maggie met was 22-year-old Marco, who grows chocolate and other fruits.

I feel my grandparents left me a treasure. I want to work it every day to watch it grow bigger and bigger.

- Marco.

The Amazon rainforest is a treasure that benefits us all. We need to preserve it so our children can inherit an Earth that still has the green lungs it needs to breath and survive.

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