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Farms in Honduras once thrived with rich coffee plants and maize, but rising temperatures and heavy rains now make it harder for the crops to grow. Multiple droughts and hurricanes have led to failing crops and this is forcing many communities from their land. 

This enforced migration is having catastrophic consequences on communities in Honduras. Family members left behind are vulnerable to crime and violence. Many children are missing out on education and risk falling in with drug-trafficking circles.


...yet there is still hope

Beekeeping is saving livelihoods, land and futures in Honduras

You may already know that bees are amazing!

These small but mighty creatures support ecosystems and protect our environment. 

Keeping bees is not only proven to be a stable business venture in Honduras, providing vital incomes and untapped skills, but the ripple effects are huge. The wider impact spans everything from creating better ecosystems to combatting food shortages and mass migrations. 

Bee's may be small but their impact is mighty
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With your support, we can create a ripple of change for Honduran farming communities

Beehive by beehive, you can help give Honduran families a real chance of a future

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Maria and Jose with their children in Honduras Credit: Christian Aid
Family of beekeepers in Honduras

Maria and Jose

Maria and Jose are a wife and husband beekeeping team, both with entrepreneurial spirits. 

There aren’t many women active in beekeeping in Honduras. In many parts of the country, woman lack opportunities and face occupational segregation. Maria is the first woman in her community to become a beekeeper. 

Maria and Jose turned to beekeeping just over three years ago after losing 60% of their coffee crops to Hurricane Iota. Now, honey produces a steady annual yield of 120 bottles which they sell at £6/€7 a bottle.

I decided to start harvesting honey, and said to my husband, I’m going with you! I managed to harvest four beehives. I had a curiosity in my mind, and I need to fulfil that.

- Maria.

Could you donate today and give families facing impossible choices a real chance at a future?

  • £46

    or €54 could provide a protective suit for a farmer so he or she can harvest honey safely

  • £110

    or €118 could provide a bee hive, a secure future for a farming family that has lost everything

  • £330

    or €388 could provide training on beekeeping farming techniques for 20 people

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Your gift today could help families facing climate change and poverty to secure their futures like Maria