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Vimbainashe and Phanuel are playing a game with their friends just outside their home in Chadanyika village

camera icon Vimbainashe and Phanuel are playing a game with their friends just outside their home in Chadanyi...Christian Aid / David Brazier

Gifts in Wills

I hope it. I Will it.

Turn your lifetime of hope into the change you want to see in the world with a gift in your Will.

Hope is an unstoppable force. Hope unites us. Hope fuels action. A gift in your Will can turn your hope into action and create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty.

Hebrews 11:1 ‘Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.’

Gifts in Wills make up more than a third of the voluntary donations given to Christian Aid. These gifts are from supporters, like you, and they are empowering communities to break free from poverty and thrive for generations to come.

Request your free guide to learn more about how to leave a gift in your Will and find out how easy it is to make a lasting difference.

If you hope for change in the world, Will it.

Roger remembered Christian Aid in his Will

Roger held a special event to promote gifts in Wills to his congregation and has pledged his own gift too.

It’s just like leaving a gift to family or friends,” he says, “it can give future generations what they need, where they need it, to help them live on.

‘Gifts to Christian Aid and churches complement each other. They both help support families.

I hope my legacy will make a difference. If we can encourage more people to give through their Wills, drops might turn into a river.

Just like faith, gifts in Wills have the power to transform lives. Will you join Roger and tell your congregation about them?

Mother and daughter in Nicaragua

Living Legacies

Hear the stories of real Christian Aid Ireland supporters who have been inspired to make their love live on by pledging a gift in their Will.
A group of children writing notes at school in Ethiopia

How to include a gift in your Will

It's simple to remember Christian Aid in your Will and we’re here to help - with all the information, explanations and answers you need.
Kathy Childress stands among a group of school children working at their desks in Haiti

How gifts in Wills make a difference

Legacies to Christian Aid are a way to give thanks for your blessings and ensure your values live on.
A mother stands in a Maasai village in Kenya, holding her child on her hip

Everyone benefits with Will Aid

A qualified solicitor will write you a Will – for just a voluntary donation to charity. You benefit, charities benefit, and your loved ones will benefit in the future.
Man tends to his harvest of fruit

Harvest Appeal - Faith Will

This Harvest season, Christian Aid is inviting our supporters to put their faith into action – by considering leaving a gift in their Will to their church and Christian Aid.

Get in touch

If you’d like to talk to us about supporting our work with a gift in your Will, contact Sarah by emailing, or call +44 (0)28 9064 8133.

Acting in connection with the administration of an estate?

If you are the executor or solicitor acting in connection with the administration of an estate where Christian Aid is bequeathed a legacy, and would like to contact us or make payment, please email us