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Spring Appeal: Communities Together, United by Hope

Your gifts this spring could help families in Kenya and Ethiopia escape the cycle of drought, hunger and poverty.
Local woman sits in traditional dress in her Maasai village, Narok County Kenya

The rains in regions of Kenya and Ethiopia have failed again – and the drought continues. But, with your support, we can act now to strengthen communities to overcome the challenges of drought and hunger.

We’ve reached out to ask you to respond to emergencies many times over recent years – war, conflict, hunger, an earthquake. The list goes on. We can’t predict when emergencies will happen, but we do know that we’ll be there to help when they do.

Yet, while our emergency response continues, it’s also vital our long-term development work does too, which is why we’re highlighting the transformative impact of Village Savings & Loans Schemes in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Your Gift

This spring, be part of this long-term transformation for families and communities.

Climate change has brought a drought that has decimated parts of Kenya and Ethiopia. With almost no rain for the third year in a row, the ground is hard, the rivers have mostly run dry.

The consequences are huge. Whole communities have been displaced as livestock move to find food, with children not able to attend school. Women are forced to leave their children and walk for hours each day in search of water. The hunt for food has also created conflict.

And yet, there is always hope.

For the last decade, Christian Aid Ireland has funded Village Savings & Loans Schemes. By providing small, direct local funding where it is most needed, these micro-finance schemes are helping families and communities diversify their livelihoods to withstand droughts and failed harvests.

These schemes have helped create thriving chicken farms and are supporting villagers to become beekeepers selling their honey. They have supported women’s cooperatives to grow aloe vera, a drought-tolerant crop from which they can make and sell soap. When we deliver a small amount of funds we can transform lives.

Your Gift

This spring, be part of this long-term transformation for families and communities.

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Safia Galgalo, 43, in her first poultry house happily showing off some healthy chicks from her brood of chickens in Adi huka Village, Marsabit county. Credit: PSAYS_PHOTOGRAPHY
Family smiling in Malawi

Safia's story

Safia lives in Marsabit County in Northern Kenya with her five children and her husband, who is a local preacher. Their entire region has been severely affected by climate change over the last decade, with traditional livestock farming becoming impossible. Safia knew she needed to adapt to help her family.

Timely support from Christian Aid enabled the setting up of a Village Savings & Loans Scheme in her community. Safia initially bought 250 chicks with her own savings. Later on, she was able to access a loan from her local Village Savings and Lending Scheme, organised by Christian Aid and a partner organisation in Kenya. With the loan, Safia bought a further 500 chicks. Here, you see her showing off her healthy chicks from her brood of chickens. She now runs her farm and a successful shop selling fresh chicken and eggs! And more than that, Safia is completely able to fulfil all her family’s basic needs.

Thanks to her determination and the security her new business has provided, Safia’s children are working to secure their futures too.

Your Gift

This spring, be part of this long-term transformation for families and communities.

Pray with us

Heavenly Father,

Spring is a time for new life – hope springing forth from the ground, bringing joy to our hearts and comfort to our winter weariness.

Thank You for the changing seasons that bring new things to us, reminders of both your power to bring life and your promises to renew us.

Yet, we are aware that the seasons can’t always be relied upon any longer to bring what is necessary for growth and provision. The changing climate is wreaking havoc and bringing uncertainty.

But there is always hope.

Lord, we thank you that in the midst of uncertainty, the Village Savings & Loans schemes have brought hope to Safia, Kumana and Joseph and to their families. Thank you that they have been able to set up successful businesses, making them less reliant on the erratic and unreliable weather patterns now common in Kenya and Ethiopia.

We ask that more people would be given what they need to take the courageous step of setting up a new business – resulting in families being able to provide for themselves and thrive.

Lord, we want to prevent disaster and emergencies before they occur.

In Jesus’ name,