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At Christian Aid Ireland, our mission is to help give people of all faiths and none the chance to live their lives in hope and dignity.

We work with partners on the ground in countries affected by disasters and crises to be there before, during and after emergencies to save lives and support people long term. Our local partners are on the ground, often at the centre of disasters, talking directly to those affected. So we can hear straightaway what people need – both, in the moment, and for the long haul.

By giving to Christian Aid regularly, you can help the speed of our humanitarian response.

A regular gift from you will help us be there immediately – and for the long haul.

Why should you give Christian Aid Ireland a regular gift?

We've been responding to humanitarian emergencies and disasters around the world since 1945, providing urgently needed immediate relief and long-term support.

Throughout our history, we have intervened in some of the worst disasters and crises our world has faced – the Ethiopian famine, the South Asian tsunami, the Ebola and Coronavirus outbreak, the East Africa Hunger Crisis, the ongoing Middle East Crisis – as well as in forgotten or protracted crises such as in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Emergency response is central to Christian Aid Ireland's mission: responding to the urgent and immediate needs of the crisis-affected communities and giving them the means to stand on their own feet. This is exactly why Christian Aid Ireland was created.

We need your help today to continue with our mission.

We’re there before, during and after a disaster, to save lives and support people long term.